View ‘No man is an île flottante’

‘No man is an île flottante’

No man is an island – it’s true. But more than that, no man is a floating island – we are anchored in our relationships, from the very beginning. We aren’t isolated islands. As children, our parents are the stronger and wiser ones we expect to rescue us, and provide refuge to soothing shores when…

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View ‘I’m not eating that. Fish fingers are not circles.’

‘I’m not eating that. Fish fingers are not circles.’

My client once told me about a childhood summer holiday where, under the heat of the Mediterranean sun, she hotly refused to eat her squid supper. She had been introduced to calamari by her mum as the ‘circular sister’ of the straight and familiar fish finger, which she dearly loved. As a child, fish fingers…

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‘Meet, eat, repeat’

There is one ingredient that seasons everything in any relationship – just like salt, it will bring out the flavour of the bond between two people. That ingredient is trust. If it’s not right, it absolutely needs adjusting because affects everything. It’s tantamount and it’s tangible – we feel it if it is or isn’t…

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‘Sharing plates, sharing minds’

Growing up at the Greek table, sharing was an unquestioned part of how food was served. The only claim I could ever make to being on trend is that our family was doing ‘family style’ meals long before it obtained its style status. It was simply just what we did every evening at dinner. When…

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View ‘As a couple we weren’t a good combo. It was like we didn’t emulsify.’

‘As a couple we weren’t a good combo. It was like we didn’t emulsify.’

Romantic relationships are exactly like emulsifications – you need a combination of ingredients that holds together, and ultimately, that doesn’t split. It needs to be smooth. And generally, if a relationship isn’t smooth, if there are too many bumps in the road that make it unsafe and uncomfortable, we need to take a look at…

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View ‘Let’s talk’

‘Let’s talk’

It’s been said that people come to therapy to talk about what they don’t want to say. But whether it’s on the couch, in the kitchen or in any other area of life, talking can be difficult, and uncomfortable. It may be the bread and butter of my job, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy…

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