DR. Andrea Oskis PhD. BSc

Dr Andrea Oskis


I’m Andrea and I’m a therapist, but I’m also a cook and food writer. I ask the same questions about food as I do about people – what goes together and why? Can it be changed for the better?

My work is about helping people to change and finding those key ingredients for each person to make their relationships, and their lives, better and more fulfilling.

Freud once said that love and work are what make us human. Welcome to my website where I mix both – my work as a psychotherapist and my love for food. I guess you could say that I’m ‘attached’ to both.

Attachment is my specialty and the key ingredient in all of my therapy services. I offer counselling & psychotherapy, life & relationship ‘MOTs’ and training and consultancy.

My recipes are inspired by therapy, and the wider world of psychology and research. At the heart of each dish is a memory, a story or a life lesson – because food is never just something to eat.

You can find out more about what I do here.

Why the name Cupboard Love?

Cupboard Love was one of the first theories about why we make relationships with each other.

The original idea was that baby attached to mum because mum provided food. We now know that isn’t the whole story; relationships have so many more ingredients to them. But Cupboard Love did suggest a powerful role for food in relationships, and more importantly, it started the conversation about what makes humans close to each other.


Cupboard Love was the starter for what’s now known as Attachment Theory, which is the most well-known recipe for relationships. We are nourished not only by what we eat but also by the people we have in our lives – it’s about emotional nourishment.

In fact, research has shown that close relationships are just as important for both our physical and mental health as having a good diet.

Why Attachment?
Counselling & Psychotherapy
Life/relationship “MOT”
Life/relationship “MOT”
Training and Consultancy

My Recipes

Beacuse food always tells a story


Greek-Japanese two bean salad

Greek-Japanese two bean salad

Bejewelled biscotti with Turkish delight and pistachios

Bejewelled biscotti with Turkish delight and pistachios

Mellow mint and halloumi pesto

Mellow mint and halloumi pesto