Life/Relationship ‘MOT’

This offers the opportunity for us to assess what is happening currently in your life. As part of this I use a psychological research tool, the Attachment Style Interview, which is what’s known as an ‘evidence-based’ assessment –the evidence is how you behave in your closest relationships. The interview helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in terms of how you relate to others and whether your attachment style is secure, anxious or avoidant.

The life/relationship MOT can be a helpful option if you’d like an insight into your attachment style or if you’re unsure whether or not you’d like to proceed with therapy. It can give you a feel of what working together would be like in therapy. The life/relationship MOT involves working together for four sessions, generally over the course of a month:

Session 1: We will talk about your background, significant experiences, current life context and hopes for the future.

Sessions 2 and 3:  We will go through the Attachment Style Interview and we will talk about the closest relationships in your life right now and how you feel about relating to others.

Session 4: We will talk through the insights gained from this process and explore future possibilities that could be helpful to you based on what we’ve learned about your attachment style.