View Tyrokafteri (‘hot cheese’)

Tyrokafteri (‘hot cheese’)

Tyrokafteri combines two Greek words: ‘tyro’ means cheese and ‘kaftero’ means ‘hot’, which in this context refers to taste, not temperature. This is fiery spicy hot. It is supposed to (somewhat) blow your head off. In my recipe there is a combination of cultures too, as it features gochujang; this Korean chilli paste is fermented…

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View Watermelon tzatziki

Watermelon tzatziki

I love kebabs. They are part of my own love story. But if I am completely honest, I love the dips traditionally served with kebabs more than the meat itself. Tzatziki is my favourite and this recipe is a refreshing rendition of that classic Greek dish. I am happy to report that my curiosity didn’t…

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View ‘Love it and hate it’ Marmite and porcini houmous

‘Love it and hate it’ Marmite and porcini houmous

The inspiration for this recipe is a person who had ‘Marmited her world’. Greek Cypriot food is decidedly split from Marmite. The ancient Greeks used a fermented fish sauce called garum to increase the tastiness of their foods, but three thousand years later added savouriness in our cooking doesn’t tend to go further than a…

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View Cheese and onion chips

Cheese and onion chips

The first inspiration for this recipe, as always, is my client and her story: ‘I’d get upset when the packet finished’. That staple saviour in her lunchbox, cheese and onion crisps, reminded her that there was enjoyment to be had. Life could be delicious, but ultimately those feelings were fleeting – the empty packet an…

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View Smoky aubergine and garlic dip

Smoky aubergine and garlic dip

‘Sharing plates, sharing minds’ is the life lesson that inspired this recipe – you can find it here. Mezes are the epitome of sharing food, and this is my favourite of the delicacies that you’ll find as part of the spread at any Greek table. I, however, have never had the tolerance it takes to…

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View Greek-Japanese two bean salad

Greek-Japanese two bean salad

‘Meet, eat, repeat’ is the life lesson that inspired this recipe – you can find it here. This salad is dressed with familial meaning that predates me; it was the side dish that in fact stood centre table of dinners shared by my mum and dad, in their early days as a couple. My mum was…

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