View Spanakopita crumpets

Spanakopita crumpets

Despite all of the meze misfortunes I encountered earlier in my life when I tried to recreate a restaurant style meze for one, courtesy of the then ‘3 for £5’ offer M&S meze deal, I have to admit that I warmed to the baby feta and herb parcels. In other words, their gyoza-looking take on…

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View Banana carob cake

Banana carob cake

This cake, with its deep dark mahogany appearance, looks like it ought to be part of the family of devil’s food cakes. Although it in no way is. There isn’t much that is devilish, or unhealthy, about this cake; it contains no fat or refined sugar. I suppose you could call it a ‘clean’ cake,…

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View Crunchy chickpea granola

Crunchy chickpea granola

This is inspired by the banana porridge my client shared with Goldilocks, her imaginary childhood friend who took the loneliness out of breakfast time. You can read that story here. The chickpeas are a nod to her breakfast preference today as an adult, but also, together with the sesame seeds and the figs, provide little…

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